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What if you want the look of hardwood, but need something waterproof

Written by on Wednesday, 04 January 2017 4:21 am

I see this all the time with my customers.  They love hardwood flooring and they want to install it everywhere.  But, in some places they are very concerned about water or moisture.


This happens most often in basement (many of which are below grade and on slabs), in kitchens (where you may get splashes of water from the sink, the dog bowl or moisture from the dishwasher), as well as bathrooms or powder rooms.  So, what should you do for those areas?


Well the good news is that there is a new solution, and it's call Coretec Plus (you can read my full review here)


What is coretec plus?  Coretec Plus is a luxury vinyl.  It looks like hardwood, but it's waterproof.  The top layer is vinyl and the inner core is recycled limestone, and the bottom layer is cork.  All 3 layers are waterproof, including the cork.  The cork also gives you a bit of insulation and reduces the noise.  The product is amazing as it look real.  And, it feels pretty real, too.  It comes in a variety of hardwood colors including lights, darks, mid tones and grays.  They also have items that look like tile and natural stone.  Check out my full article here, and you'll see pictures and how real it looks.

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